About Ryan Healy

Ryan Healy, Freelance CopywriterRyan M. Healy is The Most Referred Direct Response Copywriter on the Internet. Since 2002, he’s worked with 200+ clients, including major financial publishers like Agora Financial, Lombardi Publishing, Dent Research, and Contrarian Profits.

He’s also worked with well-known marketing experts like Ray Higdon, Alex Mandossian, Terry Dean, and Josh Bezoni.

And he’s done quality control on tens of thousands of PPC ads for dozens of major companies, including Pottery Barn Kids, GEICO, Dell, Vitamin Shoppe, 1800PetMeds.com, KAYAK, Angie’s List, ADT, Iberostar, Zazzle, and Ask.com.

Most importantly, Ryan has written hundreds of sales letters, crafted thousands of emails, and discovered what really works to bring in new customers and bigger profits.

Ryan is a faculty member of John Carlton’s Simple Writing System. He is the author of Speed Writing for Nonfiction Writers and the co-author of Million-Dollar Marketing Secrets. He frequently publishes articles about how to write sales copy and advertisements on his blog, and on a variety of well-known websites and publications.

In fact, Ryan has published multiple articles on Michel Fortin’s blog; been referenced multiple times on Terry Dean’s blog and in his print newsletter; has been published in Feed Front and Onward magazines; and has been a regular contributor on Wordstream.com, the BoostCTR.com blog, and Charlie Cook’s MarketingForSuccess.com blog.

Ryan lives in southeast Denver, Colorado. He’s been married to Stephanie since 1999 and has six children.

What Clients Are Saying…

“The Most I’ve Ever Invested in a Copywriter, But It Was Totally Worth It…”

Ray Higdon, Ft. Myers, FL

Alex Mandossian“What I love about Ryan is he doesn’t go for the bunt. He goes for the grand slam. He swings for the fences and typically he hits one out of the park. He is superb and I vouch for him 100%.”

Alex Mandossian, San Francisco, CA

Mike Litman“Ryan has been instrumental in the success of our solo ad business. He knows how to get emails opened and links clicked. Plus, he’s reliable and easy to work with. I recommend him for whatever copywriting you need for your business.”

Mike Litman, Babylon, NY

Meghan Damico, Agora Financial“Sometimes I’m so deep in the weeds I have a hard time thinking of outside-the-box angles for our ad copy. I shipped Ryan a copy of our book, Rich Life Income Bible, and he whipped up a dedicated email that beat our control!

“All of our ads centered around the fact that the book was free. [Instead], Ryan took a chapter inside the book and came up with a dedicated email that was intriguing, greed driven, and boosted overall conversions… allowing us to keep clicks high and the promotion from fatiguing.

“I highly recommend Ryan if you’re in need of secondary [email] copy.”

Meghan Damico, Baltimore, MD
Agora Financial

Birch Gold“Ryan has injected a breath of fresh air into our advertising creative. Not only does he have a knack for nailing topics conceptually, but he also brings them to life in a clear and concise fashion. The resulting product is copy that stirs emotion and produces results. Ryan has already written a number of pieces for us, and I can’t wait to give him more work to see what he comes up with next.”

Andy Klein, San Francisco, CA

Ryan Masters“Like anyone looking to hire a copywriter I was nervous – I’ve had some over-promised & under-delivered experiences in the past and I wanted to avoid that. So I held a winner-take-all competition to determine the best copywriter who could do better than my control letter.

“Ryan came out on top with a letter that beat my long-standing control by 21% – and this is in the ultra-competitive fitness space. Not only that, but he had to compete against himself… the original control was written with ideas and verbiage from Ryan since I knew getting those ‘seed ideas’ from him would be a major shortcut to speaking directly to my customers’ pain.

“As a busy entrepreneur I value RESULTS at the end of the day and in an arena full of competitors Ryan was able to deliver a sales letter that converts. I suggest you grab him if you’re after the same.”

Ryan Masters, Denver, CO

Josh Bezoni“Ryan really helps convey the true value of my products and services to help my clients. He’s extremely fast, ethical, and he delivers results every time. He’s the best of the best.”

Josh Bezoni, Austin, TX

Timothy HowseTestimonial #1: “Just wanted to let you know that the copy critique that you did for me resulted in a MAJOR boost in conversions. It was able to increase conversions from 8% to over 15% a month or so later. The conversion rate was actually up at over 30% in early October.

“Also, are you still offering the quick copy critique service? I have another landing page that I could use a second opinion on.”

Testimonial #2: “The copy critique that you did has led to a major increase in conversions, yet again!

“You’re one of the best copywriters that I’ve ever worked with. Thanks so much for all your help.”

Timothy Howse, Livonia, MI

Lee Mainprize“Ryan really worked his magic with my sales letter, within a couple of weeks sales have literally doubled. He’s now my go-to guy for copywriting.”

Lee Mainprize, York, United Kingdom

Terri Levine“Ryan Healy is the BEST copywriter I know and one of the most brilliant marketing minds on the planet! Ryan knows how to think like a potential buyer and crafts messages that get attention and are super effective. Plus, he creates marketing strategies that get BIG results.

“I am thrilled with the results so far, including: creating an event, filling the event, and gross revenues of about $75,000 in a few weeks’ time. (We’re still counting the receipts.)”

Terri Levine, North Wales, PA

Les Schwartz“I’ve been in direct marketing of one sort or another for over 20 years. Well, I’ve hired the ‘gurus,’ and I’ve hired Ryan Healy, and the bottom line is Ryan’s work has brought in more sales than any other copywriter I’ve worked with.

“Why? The answer is pretty simple. Ryan combines talent with a true work ethic and a real desire see his clients succeed. If you are looking to work with someone who wants you to succeed more than he wants to promote himself, Ryan Healy is your answer.”

Les Schwartz, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Alan Kaplan“From the word ‘go’ Ryan is focused and reliable. I had over 30 clients I was building lead generation websites for and Ryan’s copy helped them realize up to 40% conversion on squeeze pages requiring name, email, and phone number.”

Alan Kaplan, Charlotte, NC

Michael Lovitch“Ryan was recommended highly by a friend, and somehow managed to write accurate copy that ended up converting at over 7% (without a follow up auto-responder sequence).

“Every time I have used him, I have recouped my investment within 2 days of the promotion. The rest is pure gravy.”

Michael Lovitch, Fort Worth, TX

Marquetta Breslin“After one month, Ryan’s copy has boosted our sales by 20% easily. Hiring Ryan will be worth far more than we paid.”

Marquetta Breslin, Charleston, SC

Marc Goldman“Time and again, Ryan has far exceeded my expectations and crafted copy that makes me want to buy my own products.

“If you have the chance to work with Ryan, I urge you to take it and not spend a second deliberating. He gets my highest recommendation and full endorsement.”

Marc Goldman, White Plains, NY

Amy Desai“Wow, Ryan! You really are great at your job!! Now that you point out these things, each of your suggestions make so much sense they seem like they should have been obvious to us — but they weren’t! Your insight is immensely helpful. Thank you SO much!! I’ll get to work on rewriting these right away.”

Amy D. Desai, Attorney at Law
Greenwood Village, CO

Graham White“I recommend Ryan to all of my clients and have used him personally to develop pieces for myself. It is such a treat to be able to spend just 30 minutes being interviewed by him for the piece and then receive a brilliant first draft a few days later.”

Graham White, Alberta, Canada

Lee Collins“You took our raw ideas and refined them from a measly 10% opt-in and 1% conversion to a stellar 30% opt-in and roughly 6-8% conversion. For what you gave us, we would have gladly paid three times the price.

Lee Collins, Fenton, MI

Roger Andresen“Ryan’s sales copy pays for itself.

“When he created a promotion to sell our Global Puzzle, I was absolutely shocked when I saw the numbers coming in. One email he wrote sold 1,472 puzzles in only 13 days for $28,630.40 in gross retail revenue. Amazing!”

Roger Andresen, Atlanta, GA

Jimmy Sweeney“My split-test results look like I have another clear winner from your efforts. So hiring you will pay for itself many times over.”

Jimmy Sweeney, Calabasas, CA

Ron Spallone“Ryan is a student of the game. He’s always looking to better his skills, even though he’s at the top 1% of his profession.”

Dr. Ron Spallone, Lakewood, CO

Ben Mack“Ryan Healy created the squeeze page for Think Two Products Ahead.

“To date, 64% of the people who have come by have gone through the double opt-in process, so Ryan, those are extraordinary numbers and you’ve created magic.”

Ben Mack, Atlanta, GA

Brian Burt“Ryan, you came up with really snappy copy… in fact much of it was brilliant. Plus, you’ve been a pleasure to work with. You’ve been a steady presence (even during crazy months) and eager to contribute all along the way. Thank you.”

Brian Burt, Oakland, CA

John Holzmann“Ryan is one of the most dedicated copywriters I know. He works hard, is a quick learner, is committed to success, thinks in innovative and creative ways, and provides high quality input on every project he is associated with.”

John Holzmann, Littleton, CO

Dave Andrews“I loved your advice for my website. I used a good portion of it, combined with what I thought I needed to add to put forth the right authentic message to publishers. Interesting, since making changes I have 3 optins in about 18 hours – and the last month has been HORRIBLE – maybe 1 a week, if that.”

Dave Andrews, Centennial, CO

Markus Allen“Hey Ryan… I could say that you’re the world’s greatest copywriter and your words attract buyers like bees to honey – but some might think that’s hype.

“So instead, let’s have the facts tell the story.

“Here’s the math: every time a visitor comes to the web letter you helped me create, I immediately bank $2.43 into my PayPal account. That’s because (on average), one new buyer joins my private members-only site every time 18 people visit. That’s a 5.56% conversion rate (pretty amazing since it’s cold traffic).

“It gets better.

“Every time I bank $2.43 per visitor, most stay on as a never-ending member (I have an enviable small percentage of people who quit). That’s a lifetime value (on average) of $1,649.00.

“To say I’m happy is the understatement of the century. Thank you, sir.”

Markus Allen, Quaryville, PA

John Joseph“Ryan takes time to understand the needs of his clients and offers value-added advice above and beyond the considerable skill he brings to sales copy writing.”

John Joseph, Bessemer, AL

Rob Callaghan“My company hired Ryan for a special project to be utilized at our WW Sales Conference. I had come up with a theme but needed his expertise to write the “Story” and make it exciting and actionable. Ryan did a fantastic job providing the excellent content, he also set us up with an excellent web designer and managed the whole process start to finish.

“The project he helped with received rave reviews and helped my business unit achieve our goals, namely empowering our sales team to successfully exceed their sales quotas! Ryan’s work was top notch, was on time and on budget! I highly recommend him and his work!”

Rob Callaghan, Parker, CO

Lindsey Hough“Just finished our 6th project together. Our company couldn’t be happier with the work Ryan delivers on a regular basis — it’s top notch. He is a serious professional and working with him is simple, clean, and no fuss. We’re always confident he’ll deliver the best… and we’re just grateful he’ll take our business!”

Lindsey Hough, Palm Beach, FL

“Ryan’s work is simply extraordinary. He has written several packages for us, and they’ve all been winners. He listens when we discuss a project; he seeks to understand the product he’s writing about and the audience he’s writing to; and he delivers a compelling, attractive, well-reasoned package that for us has always pulled well. In short, he’s great to work with and he produces highly effective work.”

Robert Kroening
Managing Editor
The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor

“Ryan rewrote the homepage for a very successful website (generating over $3 Million per year in sales). He gave us great ideas for design changes as well, and though I was skeptical, we tested the changes and got a 26% increase in conversions. (This was a bit painful for me as a trained copywriter, but the numbers don’t lie.)”

Paul Moore, Troutville, VA

“We have used Healy Marketing for several direct marketing pieces including email, direct mail and newspaper for our education seminars: National Grants Conferences, The Trump Institute, and Robert Shemin’s Unlimited Riches. Ryan’s copywriting has provided us successful results on time and on budget. I would highly recommend him for your direct marketing campaigns.”

Sandy Goldman, Boca Raton, FL
Executive Director of Marketing
The Trump Institute

“Ryan epitomizes professionalism and courtesy in addition to delivering some of the best converting copy we have ever used. We used Ryan for the first time almost 2 years ago and his copy and ads are still in use today, a true testament to the quality and conversion rates we continue to experience with his copy.”

Clint Holland, Camden, SC

“I just wanted to let you know… still getting compliments on your copy! I get at least 3 to 5 requests a day now.”

Anna Mae Wiersma-Klassa, Tucson, AZ

“The cool thing about Ryan is that he’s a ‘direct response creative’… and he’s got very good project management and client skills as well. He helped us design winning ads and squeeze pages, resulting in 30%+ reduction in our CPL (cost per lead).”

Brad Clark, North Hampton, NH

“I’ve had close to a 10% conversion rate on the sales letter, and that’s for a $100 a month product, so it’s doing phenomenal. My old squeeze page was doing 27%, which I thought was alright, but I made your suggestions and it’s now over 35%. Everything you did was worth every penny I spent.”

Matthew Glanfield, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve worked in Sales and Marketing for close to 25 years and I have never encountered a better copywriter than you are. You are truly gifted.”

Sharen Stamp, Evergreen, CO

“Your copy was excellent and we were able to generate over $1,000 in sales within the first 2 days of putting up the squeeze page and sales letter with zero marketing.”

Anthony Apollaro, Dallas, TX

“Ryan’s copy is simply phenomenal. The most recent project he completed has already produced 8 deals for me in just 4 weeks. That’s worth over $15,000 to me to be conservative. If this pace continues, I’ll make an additional $125,000 this year alone.”

Jon-Paul Torres, Denver, CO

“Thank you for helping us get 30 new leads to our live informational meeting this month. Your letter was right on target. Furthermore, it generated higher quality prospects than we had anticipated. I look forward to working with you again soon.”

Brendan Miller, Colorado Springs, CO
Pulte Homes, Colorado Springs Division

“Ryan’s copy got four times our normal response rate. I’m now planning to hire him to write up a holiday promotion.”

Maria Gonzalez, Commerce City, CO
Maria’s House Cleaning Service

“Before we hired you, Ryan, we averaged 4 people per session… 8 at the most. All that’s changed since you wrote the sales letter. We’ve had as many as 16 people and as few as 10 in a session. The average is now 12 per session. That’s a 300% increase from your efforts!”

Vasili Kastashchuk, Alberta, Canada

What Colleagues Are Saying…

Daniel Levis“But in the end Ryan Healy raised the Bell-Curve and put everyone to shame, claiming his spot at the top-of-the-heap, with an INSANE $13.94 per click. Way to go Ryan!”

Daniel Levis, Ontario, Canada

Ray Edwards“Ryan Healy is the Ray Bradbury of copywriting. He says more in one sentence than other writers can say in an entire page.”

Ray Edwards, Spokane, WA

Michel Fortin“One of only a handful of copywriters who get it. Pray he doesn’t get hired by your competition.”

Michel Fortin, Ontario, Canada

Ben Settle“Not only is Ryan an excellent copywriter, but he loves to test and track everything. In fact, you cannot talk to him for more than a few minutes before he starts telling you about an interesting test he’s seen or heard about that you can then apply to one of your ads. (Sometimes I feel like I should be paying him a consulting fee when just casually chatting on the horn.)”

Ben Settle, Gold Coast, OR

Doberman Dan“Dude! This has to be one of the best e-mail teasers to drive people to a website I’ve ever seen. Frickin’ INGENIOUS! LOVED it!”

“Doberman Dan” Gallapoo, Ocala, FL

Kevin Rogers“I’ve been following copywriter Ryan Healy closely for a couple of years now. He’s a very bright guy and always generous with the good stuff.”

Kevin Rogers, St. Petersburg, FL

Dylan Barmmer“I’ve had the honor of working with Ryan a good bit over the past few years, and it is indeed an honor. Ryan is a brilliant wordsmith, able to effortlessly craft compelling communications that are every bit as effective in eliciting results as they are at engaging consumers.

“A fantastic blogger and ad writer, Ryan brings credibility, talent, flavor and results to every project he touches. I’d highly recommend Ryan, in a heartbeat.”

Dylan Barmmer, Miami, FL

Alan Allard“I have endorsed you in several areas [on LinkedIn]. I have never been a client but have been on your list for several years and am confident in your work based on what I have seen.

“You are the only one I have endorsed that I haven’t been a client of in some way, but I love your work and integrity.”

Alan Allard, Atlanta, GA

John Breese“Ryan brings years of extensive direct response marketing experience to the table and has worked for some of the very best in the industry.

“Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s very well-versed in the online marketing side of your business, or completely new, having Ryan organize and manage your online marketing campaigns will give you results a lot faster than you expect.”

John Breese, Toronto, ON

“The thinking man’s copywriter…”

Keith Goodrum, Pearl River, NY

“Ryan is a top-notch copywriter who gets results for many expert marketers and entrepreneurs. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him before, and I’ve also had other marketers at seminars and on the phone tell me that Ryan is the ‘go to’ guy for not only direct response copywriting, but expert marketing advice that increases their bottom line.”

John Ritskowitz, Wethersfield, CT

If you’re interested in hiring Ryan to write copy for you, then click the link to learn about his direct response copywriting services.