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Holy Hail, Batman!

6:30 p.m., June 6, 2012 That’s when the hail started coming down. It didn’t stop completely until 9:30 — 3 hours later. Most of the hail was about the size of a dime in diameter. Some pieces were as large as quarters. But it wasn’t the size of the hail that was so unusual… it […]

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Cold Calling Claptrap

Ever since I got my Ooma VOIP system, I’ve reduced my sales calls quite a bit. Anytime I get a sales call (usually a robocaller), I simply add the number to my blacklist. No more sales calls! Or almost… Lately, they’ve been resorting to using local numbers that make it look like a legitimate phone […]

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Just One Penny

There are far more beggars in Florida than there are in Colorado. It’s hard to go anywhere without being panhandled. Not only that, the beggars in Florida are much more aggressive. They walk in between cars stopped at busy intersections doing their best to make eye contact. They make you uncomfortable. Clearly, these men and […]

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