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Klaviyo Misattributing Revenue?

Here’s an interdasting story from a client… In September one of my retainer clients decided to move their primary ecommerce email list from being managed internally to being managed by an outside agency. Up to that point, the list had been on Maropost and revenue tracking had been handled by Google UTMs. The agency, on […]

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How ClickBank’s New Risk Management Tiers Will Affect Marketers

For many years, ClickBank has been the leading affiliate network and payment processor for sellers of digital products. As a result, ClickBank has attracted tens of thousands of online marketers. Many are ethical. But many are not. There are plenty of ClickBank sellers who hype their products and sell crappy low-value ebooks and videos for […]

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CommentLuv Internal Server Error

If you’ve installed CommentLuv on your blog and are seeing an Internal Server Error when leaving a comment, here’s the problem. First of all, your site is probably hosted with Hostmonster or BlueHost. These two hosting companies have the same owner. Both hosting companies use CPU throttling if a script or chron job is taking […]

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