An Unusual Opportunity to Participate in a Free 6-Week Business Bootcamp

My fellow online entrepreneur Danny Iny contacted me earlier this month about an unusual business idea.

He told me he wanted to offer a 6-week business bootcamp to help 200 entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses.

And he told me he was going to do it for free.

At first I was skeptical about it. It sounded too good to be true. But after I asked a few questions, Danny earned my trust and I felt the idea was worth sharing with you.

With that in mind, I asked Danny a series of questions so that he could explain his idea to you. If you like it, you’ll see how you can take advantage of it at the end of this brief interview.

Since some of my readers may not know who you are, can you tell me a little bit about your background and what you currently do?

Sure thing, Ryan. My name is Danny Iny, and I like to joke that I’ve been an entrepreneur for longer than adult life. I dropped out of high school when I was fifteen to start my first business, and I’ve been starting and running businesses ever since.

These days, I run Firepole Marketing with the help of my team, and we’re hugely passionate about spreading good, solid business and marketing education to entrepreneurs around the world.

So I hear you’re about to start a new program you’re calling the “Business Ignition Bootcamp.” What’s it all about?

The Business Ignition Bootcamp is one of the ways that we’re trying to give back to the communities that have helped us get to where we are.

It’s heartbreaking when we meet someone who really needs serious, applicable business training, but for one reason or another, can’t get access to it. We want to try and fix that through this Bootcamp by giving a deep level of business insight to 200 worthy entrepreneurs.

This kind of in-depth, sophisticated education is hard to come by without spending a lot of money, and making a lot of expensive mistakes, but we think it should be available to everyone.

When you first explained your idea to me, I thought it fell into the “too good to be true” category. In fact, I automatically assumed you’d monetize the Bootcamp through back-end sales. But you told me you have no plans to make money from this at all. So what’s in it for you?

Well, you’re right that we’re investing tons of time, energy and money into this training — we actually ballpark that between foregone revenue, our staff’s time, and all of the expenses that we’ll incur, it adds up to about a $130,000 investment.

So yes, it is a substantial investment, but we also expect to get a very handsome return — just not in direct cash back to us. What we want out of this program, and from our students, is to see 200 businesses growing, getting out there, and making a difference in the world.

We’re going to be expecting a LOT of hard work from the students that we accept into the Bootcamp, and we’re going to expect them to take real steps to apply what they learn. That will be our reward.

Okay, so the Business Ignition Bootcamp really is free, no strings attached. With that out of the way, what kind of outcomes can applicants expect if they are accepted into the group of 200 participants? What will they have achieved by the end of the 6-week program?

Over the course of the 6-week Bootcamp, our students will learn how businesses work and what goes into making a business model truly successful. They’ll also learn how to find where the main problems in businesses really are, and how to solve them.

They’ll learn how to create a truly compelling offer that people will want to buy, and they’ll learn how to get going and leverage what they have right now to start taking actionable steps in the direction of business success.

What kind of people are you looking for? Who is this for — and who is it NOT for?

The Bootcamp is for entrepreneurs, or would-be entrepreneurs who have a GREAT idea, and are excited about doing something amazing for themselves, and for the world — but are missing that secret ingredient that seems to make things work for everyone else, but not for them. That’s where the Bootcamp will come in to fill in the blanks.

We’re NOT looking for people who want a quick fix to their business problems, or tricks to quickly make lots of money. This is about giving people a really deep understanding of how businesses work, and how they can leverage those insights to do amazing things in their own businesses.

If one of my readers wanted to apply for one of the slots in the Business Ignition Bootcamp, what would he or she need to do?

It’s pretty straight forward! To apply for a spot in the Bootcamp, just visit, enter your name and email, and hit “Apply to Join” — then we’ll send you the full application form, you’ll fill it out, and we’ll review it, and get back to you!


So that’s it. If this opportunity interests you, click the link above and request your application.

Have a great weekend!

-Ryan M. Healy

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