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leeclowsbeard VS. ryanhealyssoulpatch

I learned about leeclowsbeard last week. Lee Clow is an ad man. He created the famous Apple 1984 commercial. leeclowsbeard is a Twitter profile that posts little bits of wisdom about advertising. But they are not written by Lee Clow — they’re written by his beard (AKA a feller from Texas named Jason Fox). Rather […]

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5 Fundamentals of Creativity

Do you want to be more creative? Here are what I believe are the five fundamentals of creativity. Fundamental #1: Mental Stimulation (from a variety of sources) Mental stimulation can come from almost anywhere — if you’re paying attention. Read a variety of books, magazines, and newsletters. Have interesting conversations with friends. Do something you’ve […]

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3 Tips for Idea Generation

This post is all about idea generation. It’s about how you can be more creative and come up with more ideas for new articles, new products, and even new businesses. Interestingly, I had already drafted this post when I received this question from a blog subscriber: You recently emailed me asking for your subscribers to […]

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